Wabaqeyat Samira -The first novel that was written by a Palestinian writer inside Israel to depict the life of those left behind at home after 1948 Exodus. Many readers from different angels found the book interesting. Maariv, at the time the most popular tabloid in Israel, found it insulting for Israel, the Jewish People, and the Army (in a front page news splash). Dr Mahmoud Ghanayim, Head of the Arab Studies in Tel Aviv University, found it (in an 18 pages long review) “ A history record of a deteriorating society and perverted characters crushed by traditional and corrupt leadership [….] and a prophecy (that this community should) change or downfall”.
Book Newsweek
Middle Eastern Studies - S.Moreh   Newsweek Article
Maariv Newspaper   Hayim Naaman, Hapoel Hatzair
Wabaqeyat Samira (Arabic) novel Tel Aviv 1962.
  Beor Khadash - the first Hebrew novel to be written by a Palestinian writer. Most Israeli newspapers welcomed the Hebrew original. HaAretz wrote that future historians can’t write about Hebrew slang without mentioning this little book.
Beor Khadash (Hebrew) novel Tel Aviv 1966.
  In a New Light - Beor Khadash translated to English in 1969, and was well received in the literary pages of Fleet Street. Newspapers. One reviewer found it as the Arab answer to Golda Meir (denial of the Palestinian existence). Professor Rachel Brenner compared it with the best Hebrew novels.
The Middle East Journal
In a New Light (English Translation)
  Pages: 54-83
Tel Aviv 1969.
  Pages: 112-117
  Pages: 113-122
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